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Biography (只提供英文版)

  • Professor at City University of Hong Kong
  • President and Chair of the Asia Pacific FDI Network (current)
  • Expert in international economic law (trade, investment, and tax), cyberlaw, and international dispute resolution.
  • This research project will carry out an empirical research on the emerging legal issues at the center of digitalization of taxes. Overall, by conducting an impact-based study on digital tax rules at national, regional and global levels, this research will provide an analytical framework for finding last-longing solutions to the impeding international trade war which cuts across the fields of tax, foreign investment and trade.
  • Awards and Honours:
    • Tenth annual Smit-Lowenfeld Prize (2020), International Arbitration Club of New York
    • Vice-Chancellor's Young Researcher Award (2018), Chinese University of Hong Kong (85th Congregation)

Project Title (只提供英文版)

  • The Tax Factor Of The Global Trade War: Designing Better Digital Tax Rules