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Biography (只提供英文版)

  • Professor in Department of Philosophy at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Advance original philosophical accounts that have stimulated world-wide responses and discussion, and make important contributions, in particular, to mental causation and physicalism
  • RFS project — to develop an emergentist theory of mind that aims to accommodate both the autonomy of mental phenomena and the primacy of physical entities, to offer an emergentist approach to mental causation by rejecting the dominant doctrine of Causal Closure of Physics, as well as to show that the emergentist approach is the most promising account of mental causation in the framework of non-reductive physicalism
  • Awards and Honours:
    • RGC Research Fellow (2021)
    • CUHK Research Excellence Award (2020)

Project Title (只提供英文版)

  • An Emergentist Theory of Mind