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Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 2023/24


Call for Application/Nomination

01 Sep 2022 - 01 Dec 2022


Selection Stage

02 Dec 2022 - 29 Apr 2023


Award Announcement

03 May 2023

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme Awardees Reception 2021

Application for HKPFS 2024/25

Applicants from all over, seeking admission as a new full-time PhD student in a Hong Kong university, are eligible and invited to apply. Applicants must be able to demonstrate outstanding academic performance, exceptional research ability / potential, acute communication and interpersonal skills, and excellent leadership abilities.

Shortlisted applicants, depending on their areas of studies, are subject to assessment by either one of the two HKPFS selection panels: (i) Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, and Technology; or (ii) Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business Studies.


Academic excellence is the prime consideration but the Selection Panels will also take into account:


  1. Academic excellence;
  2. Research ability and potential;
  3. Communication and interpersonal skills; and
  4. Leadership abilities.

[To be announced]