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Award Citation

The Internationalisation at Home (IaH) Team from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is led by Professor Engle Angela Chan, with Dr Arkers Wong, Mr Timothy Lai, Dr Betty Chung and Dr Doris Leung as team members.


This dedicated team shares a common vision of providing quality training and learning experiences to nursing students. The team has pioneered the adoption of an Internationalisation at Home approach before the COVID pandemic back in 2015. To prepare nursing students for their profession in the complex multi-cultural context of Hong Kong, the team has been working closely with overseas institutions, including universities from Sweden and Australia, to design a series of online student-led group activities as an alternative to the ‘overseas exchange’ learning experience. This new education model has successfully gone beyond conventional clinical practices to developing their students’ cultural awareness and global competence, thereby creating a long-lasting impact and preparing them for the uncertainties in the field.


In recent years, the team proactively liaises with other disciplines and institutions worldwide for collaboration to expand the scope of impact. The team members have also actively contributed to the nursing field by sharing new knowledge through seminars, conference presentations and publications.

Video on Teaching Philosophies