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RGC Senior Research Fellow Scheme 2022/23


Call for Application/Nomination

10 Sep 2021 - 30 Nov 2021


Selection Stage

01 Dec 2021 - 30 Jun 2022


Award Announcement

07 Jul 2022

RGC Award Presentation Ceremony (Nov 2020)

Nomination for SRFS 2022/23

All eight UGC-funded universities are eligible to nominate up to six candidates at full Professor rank. Each nomination should include the research proposal of the project to be undertaken by the nominated candidate during the fellowship period.


The candidate must:


  • obtain a legal right to work and reside in Hong Kong during the fellowship period;
  • have a full-time[2] academic appointment at a UGC-funded university proper[1] at the time of nomination and during the fellowship period;
  • have been serving the supporting UGC-funded university proper[1] on a full-time[2] basis for not less than three years continuously at the time of nomination;
  • be a tenured/substantiated full Professor (or equivalent) and at Staff Grade from “A” to “D” at the time of nomination;
  • be primarily engaged in and spending at least 80%[3] of time in degree or higher degree work at the supporting UGC-funded university proper[1]; and
  • have his/her salary wholly funded by the supporting UGC-funded university proper[1].


While no restriction/ limit on age is imposed, the candidate’s remaining years of tenured/ substantiated service should be sufficient to complete a full course of the fellowship before attaining the supporting university’s official normal retirement age.


Subject to exceptional consideration on a case-by-case basis, the requirements above may be relaxed for Hong Kong talent working overseas so that they are incentivised to return to Hong Kong and take up the fellowship. In this connection, an overseas candidate nominated by a UGC-funded university would be eligible for consideration if he/ she:


  • is a Hong Kong permanent resident with the right of abode in Hong Kong as defined under the Immigration Ordinance[4];
  • is a researcher at a university/institute outside Hong Kong at the time of nomination with academic/research profile equivalent to full Professor; and
  • has warranted support by a UGC-funded university proper[1] at which he/she will hold the fellowship, with a tenured/substantiated full-time[2] appointment[5] at Staff Grade from “A” to “D” commencing within the following year after the close of nomination.


  1. Excluding schools/arms of continuing education and professional training and other analogous outfits 
  2. Not including visiting or honorary appointment 
  3. The percentage concerned may be subject to review and revision as and when required. 
  4. For definition of Hong Kong permanent residents under the Immigration Ordinance, please refer to 
  5. The full-time appointment concerned shall be primarily engaged in and spending at least 80%[3] of time in degree or higher degree work at the supporting UGC-funded university proper, with salary wholly funded by the supporting UGC-funded university proper.

Candidates will be assessed based on the following criteria:


  • qualifications and research capability;
  • proven research track record to date;
  • leadership quality and vision in the chosen area of research[1];
  • merit of the research proposal, including methodology, scope, theoretical framework, etc.;
  • feasibility of the proposed research project including planning, management and resources;
  • contribution and potential impact of the proposed research project, including knowledge transfer and research impact; and
  • university’s support.


  1. Leadership and vision of a candidate, in particular of a senior academic competing for SRFS award, will include the candidate’s mentoring success and past experience in developing Research Postgraduate (RPg) students and junior researchers (including Post-doctoral Fellows, if any), as well as the candidate’s engagement plan to train/ nurture the next generation of research talent/ young researchers via the proposed research project under the fellowship.

    Nominees of all academic disciplines are subject to assessment by either of the two selection panels: (i) Humanities, Social Sciences and Business Studies (H-Panel), and (ii) Sciences, Medicine, Engineering and Technology (S-Panel). Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview by the selection panel concerned during May/June 2022.